Bug Bazaar

The EDIBLE InsectS Food Shop

Since March 2018, Crickets Online Oy develops, sells, and markets edible insect products using its auxiliary trade names Bǚg Bazaar and Party Bugs. Crickets Online Oy was founded by DSc (Econ) Pasi P. Porkka and Vellu Mäkelä.

We source our insect food products and raw materials globally, not forgetting the Finnish suppliers. We have already sold insect products to more than fifteen countries in Europa, America, and Australia through our online store.

Party Bugs

At the beginning of 2020, we launched our new Party Bugs brand built on the passion for tasty, healthy, exciting and sustainably produced snacks.

Our seasoned insects have been in the Finnish stores for a while. Still, in January 2020, we went through a complete rebranding to deliver the fun to this section of the global industry.

Crickets Online Oy launched its healthier, new generation party snack series made of the world’s highest quality edible insects to change the world. Party Bugs’ superior insect snack recipes, fun with friends, and affordable prices are the three key factors to create the market winning craving for Party Bugs.

Party Bugs is all about food, friends, and a good time. Surprise your friends and put the new and exciting snack from Finland on the party table.

Party Bugs is for everybody and every party. Finely designed Party Bugs products fit in all parties ranging from bars, restaurants, and night clubs to movies, festivals, sports events, and home parties.

Eating healthier and saving the planet has never been this fun!

Our products are of the highest quality, top certified, ethically produced, and 100% traceable.