Bug Bazaar's Own Insect Food Brands and Products

Bug Bazaar's Own Insect Food Brands and Products

Party Bugs flavors the party!

Superior insect snack recipes, fun with friends, and affordable prices are the three key factors to create the craving for Party Bugs.

Eating healthier and saving the planet come as a bonus.

Taste the Party!

Crickets with Salty Licorice (Salmiak)

Finland, crickets and salty licorice (salmiak). Bǚg Bazaar could not resist the temptation to put them together and make this strange and exotic delicacy which only can be invented in Finland!

Crickets with salty licorice (salmiak) was invented by Bǚg Bazaar for the Finnish Kosmos Festival 2018 and tested at Salty Licorice Festival 2018 in Helsinki. The product has finally entered production. Available only on this page and Salty Licorice Festival 2019 in Helsinki.

Bǚg Bazaar sells and ships edible insects overall of the world!

Do you want to bake a thousand pieces of cricket bread or five thousand cricket rolls? With Bǚg Bazaar’s cricket powder bags, you can do it!

Bǚg Bazaar sells and ships edible insects overall of the world!

Roasted Kitchen Crickets

Let’s cook with crickets!

Start your gourmet adventure of eating insects and buy the highest quality edible insects from Bug Bazaar.

Would you like to host a banquet with edible insects on the menu, do your own experiments, or eat our healthy and delicious crickets as snacks?

Crickets are an excellent nutrient addition to almost any recipe.

Crickets have a crunchy texture and an umami flavor like parmesan, bread, popcorn, almonds, or a roasted chickpea. It is amazing how many different tastes people find in this product! It fits both in the kitchen and an evening in front of a TV show.

Crickets are full of protein, and they offer satisfactory crunch. You can supplement your protein intake by using Bǚg Bazaar’s cricket flour in baked goods like cookies, pancakes, or biscuits.

The roasted house cricket also functions excellently as a neutralizer in wine tastings! Try, and next time you can leave bread on the shelf!

Bug Bazaar’s products consistently get a positively surprised and delighted reception. We can warmly suggest ordering our combination products of differently-tasting insects!

Use dried insects as an ingredient for cooking. They efficiently absorb flavors from different sauces, and you don’t need much of that raw material to prepare a whole meal! For example, in a 10-liter pasta sauce with crickets, you won’t need more than half a kilo of dried crickets because a kilo of dried crickets is made from about four kilograms of fresh crickets. When put into a liquid, half a kilogram of dried crickets become two kilograms of rehydrated crickets.

Therefore, you will need only a small quantity of dried crickets to prepare a party meal for many.

Bǚg Bazaar sells and ships edible insects overall of the world!

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