Cricket protein for pioneers and trendsetters!

Insect protein is similar to chicken, fish, and red meat protein. Insects often contain more polyunsaturated fatty acids, iron, and zinc than conventional meat, and their nutrient composition can be modified by feed. Insects convert plant nitrogen to an animal protein more efficiently and with less ammonia production than cattle. Insects have a short life cycle and require less water and space per kilogram of protein to grow than traditional animal protein.

The Bǚg Bazaar online store is an insect food store that offers you delicious roasted and seasoned snack insects and insect powders.

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Bǚg Bazaar sells and ships edible insects overall of the world!

The healthier and more delicious training snack

Would you rather have your snack insects over your salad, as your friend in the movies, or kicking off the party?

60-70% of the dry weight of insects is protein, in addition to which insects are rich in healthy fatty acids and trace elements such as iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Why do you still nibble on those last generation saturated-fat-carbohydrate-bombs when there is an equally delicious and healthier alternative?

Insect protein is not that expensive!

Dried insects and insect powders contain 60-70%, or 3-4 times more protein than fresh meat and ready-to-eat processed meat substitutes. It’s easy to calculate that the price per pound of protein is actually roughly the same for good quality meat, ready-to-cook meat substitutes, and dried insects with elementary school math.

Roasted high-quality cricket flour in 1 kg bags

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Insect powder is suitable for anything!

Try cricket flour with smoothies! In addition to the protein, the taste comes with an exciting fullness and crunchy texture.

Baking with insect flour is easy!

Our cricket powder tastes mildly like rye bread or roasted chickpeas. The powder has invariably received a positively surprised and delighted reception. Cook delicious cricket dishes with our ingredients!


Do you want to bake a thousand loaves of cricket breads or five thousand cricket rolls? With the one kilo cricket flour bags from Bǚg Bazaar you can do it!

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Bǚg Bazaar sells and ships edible insects overall of the world!

Need ideas?

Insect food is surprisingly easy to prepare, and the Bǚg Bazaar insect food shop offers you a start-kit. Bǚg Bazaar is an online insect food store where you can find high-quality insect ingredients and insect recipes.

Crickets, cricket flour, locusts, mealworms, or buffalo worms? Or maybe something more exotic?

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