It is time for cricket bread!

Do you want to bake a thousand loaves of cricket bread or five thousand cricket rolls? With Bǚg Bazaar’s cricket powder bags, you can do it!

The plain house cricket powder tastes mildly like rye bread or a roasted chickpea.

The optimized feed guarantees that our crickets do not have any unpleasant side or aftertastes originating from a non-optimized feed that many cricket farmers still use!

It takes over one thousand house crickets (acheta domesticus) to produce 100 grams of our protein-rich cricket flour. Our cricket powder is 100% natural, free from artificial colors, flavorings, preservatives, and monosodium glutamate (MSG). Its high protein, low saturated fat, and low carbohydrate content make cricket powder a healthy cooking ingredient.

Technically our ground-up crickets are not flour but ‘floured,’ so they will behave differently in baked goods instead of wheat, coconut, or nut flours. For this reason, you should use another flour or flour substitute in conjunction, and cricket powder may adversely affect the texture if used in large amounts, so less is more.

Try the cricket powder with yogurt; you want to have it that way every day!

We sell both European cricket flour and cricket powder from Thailand.

Bǚg Bazaar sells and ships edible insects overall of the world!