The Best Mopane Worm Recipes on Video

Mopane worms belong to traditional African cuisine, and a well-cooked mopane worm is a treat for the taste buds. From expensive restaurants to local village eateries, the worms are considered a delicacy in Zimbabwe. They are available in most supermarkets and are more costly than most other foods. Mopane Worms are typically sold as dried products that can be eaten as dry snacks or used for cooking.

The mopane “worm” is actually the caterpillar form of the Emperor moth (Gonimbrasia belina), which lives nearly its entire life on the mopane tree. It lays its eggs on the tree’s leaves, which the larvae gorge on from the moment they hatch. After literally eating until they burst (they molt their skin four to five times), the worms are ripe for the picking.

To cook with Mopane Worms, you should first rehydrate them. Typically this is done by cooking the worms in water for 10-20 minutes. After the rehydration, Mopane Worms are typically fried on a pan with oil, spices, and vegetables.

If you already can cook, you can use all your skills with Mopane Worms. With Mopane Worms can cook like with any other meat.

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